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this is quite amusing and entertaining. As we were already accustomed to the hustle of the shows we agreed to go as negotiators. . Take a metered taxi

to Patpong Market first and then start haggling with the local touts. The district is still the same: The Patpong Market in Silom. Of course somewhere during the night I lost that coveted piece of paper. Essentially, you agreed with the tout outside that entry for ping pong show is 100baht and you must buy at least one drink for 100baht or more. I figured that the candles would be on a cake, or perhaps a muffin (I mean, how appropriate would that be?) But no, the candle was actually inserted into the womans vagina, lit end sticking out, and she blew it out using only girl power. The girl on the stage immediately went to my seat and pick up the ball. At the end they agree to pay less, I really dont remember the amount we gave. The guy keeps following us and keeps insisting. We had seen all of the above mentioned, and also had lubed up, sloppy ping pong balls projected at our heads we had experienced enough. Or is it only Thai women? I dont really want to say cougars (although some of the female bar staff were certainly a bit long in the tooth) and actually most of the Thai girls performing that night were quite pretty. Ive read that goldfish, frogs, and even gerbils have puukeidas made their way onto the stage and intowell, you know where. Dont Get Scammed by the Bar Men. They say you watch many show, not just ping-pong. Pageant Mom holds the finished product up for all to see, then gives it to Paul (or Ringo) with one hand, and then does the gimme-gimme signal with the other. See the Ping pong show in Bangkok. Removing what seemed like 20 feet of silk from the vagina. Seating was tiered colosseum-style, and for a moment, I thought there might be jousting. They know its a scam. I think perhaps thats why there was so little interaction. When the show starts, you will witness some amazing things happened right before your eyes. Some staff even want 100 baht just for collecting the tips or collecting the used ping pong balls off the floor admittedly an unpleasant job.

But youll have an upper hand. Although these weird performances sound a bit unimaginable. We spend our time in BangkokOne night we decide to visit the Patpong night market.

ping pong show thaimaa

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And all thats needed is some degree of nakedness combined with a deep. However, most of the girls were actually quitesheepish. Actually, in fact, and another showgirl will use her vagina to smoke a cigarette. Charging you up to 4 times what it bus would normally cost to take you back to your hotel. He led us to a GoGo bar in a side alley named Rocket Club AGoGo where we paid our 300 baht admission. Which included one drink, but I did not pick it up because I feel quite disgusting as the ball was fell out from her private part.

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You get heavily guilt tripped for extra tips as described above.Dont be a cheap bastard.Handed them 200 baht per person and walked out.


Bizarre Ping Pong Show in Thailand - Table Tennis Spot

And since Sangsom is Thai rum (no good can come of that we both ordered the draft beer, which regrettably was only slightly larger than a shot glass.So, 200 baht per person.Ive been to both Patpong and Bangla, but Walking Street, well Walking Street is place like no other.”