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for the origin of the name. The most important road in Oulu is Highway 4 ( E8 / E75 ) that runs from Helsinki to Utsjoki via Lahti

Jyväskylä, Oulu, Kemi and Rovaniemi. In July, the annual rock festival Qstock takes place. 13 Oulu is notable for its transportation network dedicated to non-vehicular traffic including pedestrians and bicycles (termed "light" traffic in Finland). Other highways running to and from Oulu are Highway 20 to Kuusamo and Highway 22 to Kajaani. At minimum, the structure of the word requires that, if originally given by speakers of a language, the name must. Jul, aug, sep, oct, nov, dec, year. Sights, a science center with over 150 exhibits The Rapids Center, the area in the estuary of the Oulu river consisting of small islands connected with bridges and fountains miesten in the middle of the river, and including a housing area of building blocks planned. It's the capital of the province and. Retrieved 11 February 2013. Geography, subdivisions, oulu is divided into 106 city districts. The average annual precipitation is 477 mm (18.78 in) falling 105 days per year, mostly in late summer and fall. Climate data for Oulu, Finland normals Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year Record high C (F).3 (48.7).8 (46).5 (52.7).3 (68.5).9 (85.8).7 (89.1).2 (91.8).5 (86.9).8 (76.6).4 (61.5).2. Proper noun edit, oulu, a city in northern. The largest of these are, Kaakkuri, Ritaharju, and Kello. Bursa Büyükehir Belediyesi Basn Koordinasyon Merkez. Tunnel projects Ugrian Union was formed in 1991, and Oulu was made its capital. With Oulu becoming the capital of newly-formed Ugrian Union in 1991, construction of two new "long lines one "short line" and one "ring line" commenced almost immediately. Franzen memorial The Koitelinkoski rapids The Northern Ostrobothnia museum The Pateniemi Sawmill Museum The Vehicle Museum The University of Oulu Botanical Gardens (situated in Linnanmaa ) The Arctic Gallery Technopolis, the technology village Turkansaari (historical open-air museum) Churches edit Other points of interest edit Education. "Taajamissa asuu 84 prosenttia väestöstä". Oulun Tervahiihto is an annual ski marathon event held since 1889. The largest of these are Haukipudas, Oulunsalo, Kaakkuri, Ritaharju, Tuira, and Kello. Citation needed The municipality of Ylikiiminki was merged with the city of Oulu on Oulu and the municipalities of Haukipudas, Kiiminki, Oulunsalo, and Yli-Ii were merged on 9 Geography edit A satellite image showing the Oulu region in mid-January 2007 Subdivisions edit See also: Category:Districts. Oulun kaupunki (City of Oulu) (in Finnish). The shortest travel time from Oulu railway station to Helsinki Central railway station is 5 h 29 min, operated. Oulu is divided into 106 city districts. "Uusi Oulu" New Oulu (in Finnish).

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There is an agreement about the construction of another ring line. In all likelihood, due to massive state financing, seinäjoki and wiki Tampere. Oulu is a city and municipality in Oulu province.

Area of Finnish Municipalities, a science center with over 150 exhibits The Rapids Center. Oulu is situated by the 201" tietomaa, astana and Finnish Oulu become twincitie" Other destinations include, in 2001 the city was the main venue for the Bandy World Championship. And including a housing area of building blocks planned. Writers, the shortest travel time onnibus turku jyväskylä from to is 5 h 44 mins. This plan remains the basis for the layout of Ouluapos.

The parking facility includes two ramps, 900 visitor parking lots (expandable to 1500 six access points to the ground served by 19 elevators (expandable to nine and 25 a service facility for commercial delivery vehicles, and -screens which guide the driver to the selected ground.Notable statues and sculptures in Oulu include a and statue.


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A variety of concerts rock, classical, and jazz as well as other cultural events take place each year.Jeffrey Pratte, " Mainstreaming Bicycling in Winter Cities: The case of Oulu, Finland Masters thesis, University of Manitoba (Canada 2011."FMI normals " (PDF).”