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neighbouring Sweden! Taxis, taxis can be ordered by telephone or by walking to the taxi stand in town. It may contain potato, or a potato dish can be served

on the side, such as mashed or baked potato. This is a popular clothing store with sika a variety of garments and accessories for men and women as well as children. Combined tickets provide unlimited bus travel for 30 days between Ii, Kemi, Tornio, Tervola, Simo and Keminmaa. The 51-metre-tall City Hall is one of the citys most noticeable buildings, dominating the skyline. Seafood, fish and seafood dishes are common. Finnair reserves the right to change prices at any time. Dont worryreindeer furs provide plenty of warmth. Luckily, Kemi is small enough to walk around with ease. The local night scene is quite lively, with bars and clubs busy on most nights of the week.

Other winter activities include exploring the terrain by snowmobile. Food and Drink, you can even don a juttu rescue suit and go for a swim in the icy water. A Snow Restaurant and a Snow Chapel. All major attractions in Kemi, sights in Kemi, one great way to take in the breathtaking beauty of the region is with a cruise on retired icebreaker Sampoif you dare. Two bus lines operate in the town. The break down will be shown during your booking process.

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This church client houses quite an unusual sight. The church in Keminmaa was built in the first quarter of the 16th century. And you can visit the various creatures that live at the animal centre of Arkadia. Monday 3C, read on to discover more about the city and plan your visit with this Finnair travel guide to Kemi. Reindeer meat is popular across Lapland and it can be used to make a hearty and warming soup. While the wider area is connected by public transport.

The Gothic Kemi Church dates back to the early 1900s and it makes for a nice photo stop.Moose stew, another dish that makes use of the local natural resources, this stew contains moose meat and a variety of vegetables.Theres a café at the top from where you can enjoy sweeping views of the surrounding winter wonderland.


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View Terms Conditions, the Prices displayed are the lowest available in the previous 48 hours on m and valid for travel dates as shown above.Interesting facts about Kemi, located in Finnish Lapland, the town of Kemi sits at the northern end of the Gulf of Bothnia.Reconstructed every winter, the local ice castle traditions date back to 1996.”