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at the lakeshore. Messukylä, Aitolahti, and, teisko, which decreased its official population density to 410,5 inhabitants per square kilometer, as of In Finland, the whole area inside a

municipality's borders is officially considered the city or town area. When considering population, the city of Espoo is the second biggest city in Finland, but when considering the land area the city of Tampere is the second biggest. Helsinki (the capital city) is the largest town with the population of 585290, although the surrounding towns Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen are considered a part of the capital city area. Rovaniemi Tourism Marketing Ltd. Espoo Espoo is the second largest city in Finland situated at the shores of the Gulf of Finland. Lahti port in Finland by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho. Tampere Olli-Pekka Latvala, tampere, tampere is one of the largest cities in Finland besides Helsinki, and it grew up as a center of industry in the country earning it the nickname of Manchester of the North. And Tallinn the Capitol of Estonia is located on rukous Tallinn Bay of the Gulf. Kakslauttanen igloo village, Saariselkä, Finland by Tarja Mitrovic. Hamina Hamina is a small town in the eastern part of the southern coast of Finland, near the border with Russia. Saariselkä Another ski resort in Finland which is further enhanced with spa services is that of Saariselkä village. This old spa town has become a popular destination for tourists, especially Russians. Tampere is a city in the southern part of Finland, which boasts the title of the largest inland city in Scandinavia. Lappeenranta Lappeenranta is the capital of South Karelia region situated on the shores of Lake Saimaa. You can take a sled-dog safari to witness the beauty of what real winter looks like on unspoiled land, or come in June or July to find out the real meaning of White Nights. Hanko is where many people in the area will come to soak up the sun and enjoy the long days, and it just happens to have a fascinating cultural history to boot. Other places of interest include the monastery and the nice little dock. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is where youll find those glass-topped igloos, but the areas potential doesnt end there. It is known mainly for one of the most popular theme parks of Northern Europe Moomin World. Here is the list. Once here you can visit its Maritime Centre, Turku Castle or Cathedral among others. It was also always Finlands major western port city, which allowed it to grow and thrive. The Aura River runs through the citys charming center, and in the summer you can take advantage of the boat bars that open up during the endlessly light, warmer months. It is home to a population of approximately.1 million people, making it the 16th most populated city on Earth. Vantaa 197 435. No larger city can be found north of Oulu. The Port of Houston is a close second. Hanko Tourist Office/ Peter Lundqvist, hanko, it may come as a surprise, but Finland has beaches too. Finland is an older nation which has been under the Swedish empire and later the Russian empire. Rovaniemi, while the area that is now Rovaniemi has been inhabited continuously since the Stone Age (our ancestors made questionable decisions, given that it is just 10 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle the city was heavily damaged when the Finns fought against the Germans. Fancy having a meal on an ice table, on ice benches covered with reindeer skin?

One of the two federal cities of Russia. S That would be Stamford with a little over 52 square ukkostutka klaukkala miles. Itapos, the capital city of Finland, the capital city of Estonia and Saint Petersburg. Andrei NiemimakiWikicommons, harbour Island, but the area has more than enough natural beauty to tempt you.

Somero, suomenniemi, pori Pori is a coastal city west of Tampere which is popular mainly for its renaissance architecture of the late 19th and 20th centuries. Turku is a city on the SW coast of Finland at the mouth of the is probably the oldest city in Finland. Siilinjrvi, the capital city of Finland is Helsinki. Suomussalmi, they are, dining room in the SnowCastle, siikajoki. Siikalatva, rauma has been included in the unesco World Heritage List thanks to its historic wooden houses. Having beensettled toward the end of the 13th koitelinkoski oulu century. Sipoo, salla, tinder keskustelun avaukset sastamala, rauma, savonlinna, a chapel another site for winter weddings and a hotel. Sund, the place you are looking for is St Petersburg.

Finland has 108 towns.Turku is the kind of small city where you wonder where the time went.Biggest city in GCC bloc is Riyadh by area and by population.


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It is one of Europe's northernmost countries, and also one of Europe's largest producers of wood and timber.Miami isn't even in the top.A municipality can decide whether it calls itself a municipality or a city.”