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eleven Think-in workshops all over Finland, where nearly 700 people engaged in producing the content by proposing subjects and speakers for the festival. Interpreted by this skillful trio, the

forgotten music becomes alive once more and gets injected straight into your spine: the energetic guitar of Roope Aarnio, the nimble fiddle of Emilia Lajunen and powerful voice of Veera Voima will take you on an unforgettable journey. Lahti Sibelius Hall, tickets on sale from from.09.2016. WOW programme, the Festival engages national leaders and everyday heroes. The first WOW Festival took place at Europes largest Culture Centre, London Southbank Centre, in March 2011, to mark the centenary of International Womens Day. SUO, suo-trio kaivautuu musiikissaan syvälle kalevalaiseen heidi laitila maisemaan, sen kiehtoviin myytteihin, rikkaisiin kielikuviin ja ajattomaan sävelkudokseen. In Karach in Pakistan the WOW Festival is planned to be held a second year in a row, also Dhaka in Bangladesh and Mumbai in India are planning to organise a festival. The music of Suo digs deep army shop suomi down into the landscape of archaic Finnish runosinging: the rich language of kalevala poetry, the fascinating myths and spells, the ageless flow of kantele music. Varaukset, varaamalla ruokailua varten pöydän osoitteesta varmistat itsellesi istumapaikan sekä hyvän näkyvyyden ja kuuluvuuden koko illaksi. Since I got more and more familiar with the instrument I never wanted to change it! WOW Finland is developed in a close collaboration with WOW Global. WOW creates a space where everyone can raise their voice and be heard. Creating a right feeling for the song is most important. Boris Godunov, the Savonlinna Opera Festivals new own production for this season, has fired the interest of opera-lovers the world over. The special celebration concert will be a unique occasion to enjoy live all the songs from the most loved Finnish Christmas album of the last decade. From WOW Global to WOW Finland. All the boys and girls played the kantele in my village. Media representatives must indicate their complete name, media which they represent and phone number. It will be held in Savoyt theatre on May 25th and 26th. Have their own WOW Festivals.

Singing the part of Boris is Finlands ace bass Matti Salminen. Generate opportunities and work together for a gender equal world. Raising awareness about gender equality, the WOW festivals have attracted attention in the media all over the world. So far available in Finnish only.

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Muina elementteinä Suon ainutlaatuisen saundin luomisessa ovat. Involving the Australian aboriginals, with Iholla matchbox 10, by booking a table at you ensure good seats and you can enjoy food and see and hear the entire evening. Emilia Lajusen notkea viulismi ja voice Veera Voiman sävykäs laulu imevät kuulijan mukaansa uudenlaiselle matkalle. An unforgettable event not to be missed.

The festival gives an opportunity to listen to fascinating female artists and influentials, and even more important, to meet inspiring people, network and explore new enriching ideas, thoughts and partnerships.It is bold and broad-based in its approach, both lively and serious, and feeds the demand to discuss anything and everything, from revolutionary women, economics, politics and health, sex, pop culture, sports and the arts.Women of the World Finland is an international festival, which aims at promoting gender equality and celebrating the achievements of women and girls in Finland turning 100 years in 2017.


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So over the years she has found more than one way to play this traditional intstrument; from old Karelian songs to heavy music and even progressive rock!Suo won the third prize in Kaustinen Konsta Jylhä -competition year 2012, and first prize in Räkkylä the year 2007.Vuosien saatossa hän on löytänyt itsensä soittamasta sekä kareliaisia sävelmiä että progressiivista rockia tällä traditionaalisella instrumentilla.After performing years with bands like Värttinä and Adiemus (by Karl Jenkins she has been concentrating on creating her own music.”