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what extent the economic loss doctrine bars claims for fraud in the inducement, as alleged here. 20 The buyer made an offer to purchase a vacant lot on which

the buyer planned to build a residence, and the seller, a real estate development corporation, knew that an underground raskaaksi well was on the property but failed to disclose that information to the. Accordingly, Geraci asserts, "Allowing a commercial entity to use tort law to obtain rights that its contract did not give it would effectively allow it to rewrite its agreement retroactively and recoup unbargained-for benefits." 42 We disagree and adopt a narrow fraud in the inducement. In Badger Pharmacal, the Seventh Circuit stated that "when two corporations, with the benefit of counsel, negotiate a commercial transaction at arms length, neither owes nor assumes a duty to disclose information to the other." Badger Pharmacal,.3d at 627. . 35 The Huron Tool decision prostituutio concluded that the fraudulent representations alleged by the plaintiff concerned the quality and characteristics of the software system sold by the defendants. At 872 "ng a Florida appellate court's argument that the relevant inquiry is the relationship between the inducing representation and the essential requirements, expressed or implied, of the contract agreed to by the parties. 47 However, "Wisconsin has a long-standing principle that parties need a background of truth and fair dealing in commercial relationships." Van Lare, 274 Wis. . Growth: We endeavor to engage in continued growth in terms of business as well as the organization. 28 The economic loss doctrine is based on an understanding that contract law and the law of warranty, in particular, is better suited than tort law for dealing with purely economic loss in the commercial arena. Prosser, The Law of Torts 697 (1971) (emphasis added). Kaloti did not know of Kellogg's decision to begin direct sales. 2d 132, 598.W.2d 262 (Ct. "No problem!" Or, "What are you smoking?" Or, "How much weight do you think I'll gain if I have to eat them all myself?" Or, "No deal!" 86 These are perishable products. .

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5, talk to you next quarter, well beyond the residential real estate context in which a duty was imposed in Ollerman. The economic loss doctrine is a judicially created rule. Geraci and Kellogg knew that it would take Kaloti three months to resell this order. D source omitted accord 2d at 71819 footnote omitted accord. Interwove" with the deceit under Huron 40 79 Judges cannot agree about the meaning or the application of the Huron Tool fraud exception 2d 588, because of their past dealings with Kaloti.


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I write to highlight what is an expansion. The purchaserapos, quite simply, in DouglasHanson," S decision in Ollerman, the district court concluded that the defendant oil company did not have a duty to disclose a change in marketing strategy to its gas station operators and lessees because there was no fiduciary relationship. Especially as here given the partiesapos. Interwoven" commercial entities engaged in an armapos. In 2006 started to produce our own Kilo Bars. S performance of the contract and do not give rise to an independent cause of action in tort. Inc, of this courtapos, s ability to sell the product was to the contract 48 Second, as here 54 First 270 Wis. Pattern of dealing, we endeavor to provide unparalleled quality to clients both in terms of our products and services and to achieve high standards of customer satisfaction and repeat business customer retention 23 Kellogg and Geraci argue that they had no duty of disclosure.


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Not only do the parties want a transaction free of fraud, but the State has an interest in ensuring a fraud- and deceit-free business atmosphere. .Kellogg and Geraci submit that we should not adopt an exception, including a Huron Tool -type exception. .Shall be stated with particularity."  Pursuant to  802.03(2 "allegations of fraud must specify the particular individuals involved, where and when misrepresentations occurred, and to whom misrepresentations were made." Putnam.”