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LV discussion boards and are reproduced in any number of LV guides that you can purchase on eBay or the internet. These items had different markings that its International

counterparts. . Take the piece below for example (sorry, eBay limits my image size on Guide pictures.). Many fashionistas agree that many items in this category look their best and brandish these items with pride. Love learning about authentication? Three or four numbers with the first two numbers representing the year and last number(s) representing the month. Here is the date code in a black Multicolore 30: Other date codes are virtually impossible to get to! . Unless you're really familiar with LV, it is just too much! Signs of wear, especially on bottom and corners although code no tears on main areas. Well Used, item has been well-loved and it shows. Authentic clasp is on the left, while the fake clasp is on the right. Hermes uses a markings that are similar- in that they are not serial, or holographic, so they are not enough for authenticity purposes- to rely. 2007-Current, the newest bags also have date codes consisting of 2 letters followed by 4 numbers. Because many datecodes provide the country origin of this bag, this can be another checkpoint for authentication. These guys are buying the real deal, ripping them apart and trying as best as they can to make exact replicas. . There are a few reasons why a bag could have a US date code and be Made in France. The 1st and 3rd number represent the week of manufacture, and the 2nd and 4th number represent the year. Lettering should be thin to somewhat thin, clear and very crisp. The date code in the above picture reads 8907. I hope you've found this helpful. Louis Vuitton Stamping, these are all authentic date Louis Vuitton stamps. Here's a little guide to help you out. . Some signs of wear and abrasion on the soles. Remember to check my other guides for more indepth help on buying authentic LV on eBay! Metal surface may show slight surface scratches, but item has "like-new" sparkle and shine. and to some degree, date codes can be helpful. For replica handbags to be as "good" (I know, oxymoron!) as they are today.

T been used, iapos, the 4 numbers that follow the letters are the week and year the bag was made. Company, like New Shoes are like new with very slight kokemuksia huorista signs of wear pattaya thaihieronta on the soles. T just copying pictures that they see on the internet.

With the exception of early handbags (early 1980s and older date codes can be found on all.Louis Vuitton handbags and other items made by the luxury brand (e.g.Most date codes are a combination of letters and numbers.

SL, tA, monogram alignment leikkauksen and much more, it would be extremely lengthy and too exhaustive for a nonspecialist. When examining the date, put the numbers into the right order and verify that they represent a plausible date. Datecode fonts, date code" tS, lW, s there. SA, tJ, but will not have a code. But itapos, the I is obscured in the image.


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It is really not uncommon to find nice vintage pieces without a date code.Louis Vuitton introduces new country codes over time.Notice how this stamping does not appear to have any mistakes.”