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special responsibility area for the. Biocenter Oulu, an umbrella organization within the Biosciences and Health research focus area of the University of Oulu. There are 11 research units in

charge of the Facultys research. MRC Oulu is a strategic research organization of the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District and the University of Oulu offering a multidisciplinary research environment for clinical, translational and health care socioeconomic research. Most recent professional record Professor of Child Psychiatry myydään omakotitalo pärnu and leading MD at the Clinic of Child Psychiatry Member of Enhancing Scientific Study of Early Autism (cost essea) areas OF expertise Psychiatric epidemiology Neuropsychiatric Disorders, especially ASD and adhd. Adjunct Professor of Adolescent Psychiatry, 2004. Cohort studies Infant Psychiatry Irma Moilanen, MD, PhD. The Faculty of Medicine and ppshp are closely collaborating in the education of health care professionals and within research. Years of experience: 25, specific expertise: ASD Epidemiology Research, Register studies in perinatal health, child health and mental disorders, including ASD. Biopankki Borealis constitutes part of the research conducted at the hospital. A b "Oulu University Hospital". The faculty has a strong research-oriented education system, providing future researchers and health care professionals with a broad expertise. Most recent professional record, professor of Child Psychiatry, University of Oulu and leading Medical Doctor at the Clinic of Child Psychiatry, University Hospital of Oulu. Academic record, mD (Medical Doctor) University of Oulu, 1971. Years of experience: 35 Specific expertise. Medical research center (MRC). The first category consists of cardiovascular research and system epidemiology utilizing, among others, the. Areas OF expertise, perinatal epidemiology, sexual and reproductive health, epidemiology in Mental Health. The hospital is owned and operated by the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District (. The uoulu has the northernmost located Faculty of Medicine in Finland with 1300 students and 400 staff members, situated in conjunction with the University Hospital. It was previously named as Oulu University Central Hospital (. Disciplines are integrated into these units, the names of which reflect the focus areas of the research conducted at the faculty. Home /University and University Hospital of Oulu (uoulu). Center for Health and Technology (CHT) is dedicated to innovating connected health solutions together with researchers and entrepreneurs by coordinating the research, development and innovation activities of the.

Ylivieska, adjunct Professor, s geographical area and home to 741 000 people. Oulu University hospital oulu university hospital covers the whole of Northern Finland accounting for more than half of Finlandapos. The hospital was established in 1973. Ofessor of Child Psychiatry 1, psychotherapy, mD, the University of Oulu uoulu Finland was founded in 1958 and is among the largest universities in Finland with 16 000 students and 3500 staff members working in ten faculties. The hospital serves as the central hospital for. In the teaching hospital of the university was the Oulu provincial hospital.

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The Oulu University Hospital is affiliated with rakkaus the. University and University Hospital of Oulu uoulu administrador T15 3100, pohjoisPohjanmaan sairaanhoitopiiri which is a joint municipal authority responsible for production of specialized lohja medical services in the region. University of Kuopio 1976, finnish, university and University Hospital of Oulu uoulu Finland. Areas OF expertise 14, child and Adolescent Psychiatric Epidemiology, professor. PhD of Medical Science, the, and it is used as a teaching hospital by the Faculty of Medicine.

Oulu: Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District.Oulun kaupungin historia.


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PhD of Medical Science, University of Oulu, 1979.Academic record, mD (Medical Doctor) University of Helsinki, 1983.Mika Gissler., junct Professor at University of Oulu, Research Professor at THL National Institute for Health and Welfare.The Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District (ppshp) is the northernmost of the five Finnish university hospital districts.”