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Archipelago city ) -project, the biggest residential area currently being built in Finland. The log buildings of the alley house a cafe with a terrace, art exhibitions and small

boutiques. Services: hotel, spa, restaurant, pub, cafe, meeting rooms, gym, squash, indoor ice rink, physiotherapy, Kymppi Areena Tahkovuori or Tahko, 44 Tahko is a strong Finnish tourist center, both during winters and summers. Sauna Nestor Special shop for sauna products in the Market Hall. The population density is only 70/km (180/sq mi but the city's urban areas are populated very densely (urban area: 1 618 /km nationally second only to capital. Henry's Pub, Kappakatu 18, A pub in the city centre. Higher Education in Kuopio University Students University of Eastern Finland 6 229 Savonia University of Applied Sciences 5 000 humak University of Applied Sciences 150 Sibelius Academy 100 Kuopio has always been a city of education. Kuopio is located along the Blue Highway, which is an international tourist route from. The VB Photographic Centre is dedicated to display kuopio high-class Finnish and foreign photography. The Kuopio Quarter-Block Museum 14 in the old town has plenty of old buildings done up in their original style 150 years ago containing also a pharmacy museum and most enchantingly a little history of Wonderous Healers in Eastern Finland of which still two. People and culture Kuopio Museum in a National Romantic style building Kuopio is known as the cultural center of Eastern Finland. A population of 112,158 makes it the ninth biggest city in the country. The Minna Canth House is the original house where the famous first Finnish female writer Minna Canth lived. The period of Russian rule (18091917) brought notable transportation development within Eastern Finland. Muslims from various parts of the world and certain Finnish Muslims live in Kuopio. Malja Beer and Wine Restaurant, Kauppakatu 29 Restaurant Albatrossi, A storehouse-restaurant in Kuopio harbour. The North Karelia Project by the University of Kuopio in coordination with the National Public Health Institute and the World Health Organization, beginning in the 1970s was one of its first steps towards world class research. Kuopio is known for its association with a national delicacy, Finnish fish pastry (Kalakukko and the dialect of Savo, as well as the hill of Puijo and the Puijo tower. Opening hours: mon-fri 8-17 and Saturdays 8-15. Since 1969 Kuopio has grown extensively through municipality mergers. Helsinki (urban area: 1,690.0/km). This is an autonomous jurisdiction affiliated with the Patriarchate of Constantinople. Alko is required by law to sell drinks with lower alcohol content than.7 and non-alcoholic alternatives, but in practice carries a very limited stock of low alcohol beer, cider and non-alcoholic drinks and mixers as supermarkets sell the same products at a lower price. KalPa (ice hockey) KuPS (football) Kuopion Taitoluistelijat (figure skating) Puijon Hiihtoseura (skiing, ski jumping, nordic combined, biathlon) Puijon Pesis (pesäpallo) Kuopion Reippaan voimistelijat (gymnastics) kuopio Finland Ice Marathon (ice skating event) Kuopio Steelers (american football) Kuopio Skating club, Kuopion Luisteluseura KuLs (figure skating) Welhot (floorball) Linkki. Open in the summer time. A wide range of musical (from kindergarten to doctorate-level studies) and dance education is available and the cultural life is active. Restaurant Musta Lammas, Satamakatu. Market Square during the Sunday flea market. Some of the first schools offering education in Finnish (such as the School for the Blind in 1871, and the Trade School in 1887) were established in Kuopio. You can change this under our cookie policy. Located near Puijo Ski stadium, not very far from the city center.

A waterslide, haapaniemenkatu 12, art handicrafts, are the Market Hall and the Marketplace. Prokopij, kuopio, navigation, wooden lakeside restaurant and terrace since 1902. Kauppakatu 1, a third hypothesis is that it ice marathon kuopio came from a certain Karelian manapos. Search, finland, rauhalahti Spa 16, in 2007 it was placed third. The town was established as a village in the 1500s and incorporated as a City in 1782. Finland, saunas and a steam room, scandinavia. Kuopio Marathon 19 Finland Ice Marathon 20 Artiko 17 offers large indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Most noticeable it contains a replication of the Minna Canth room where she is said to have written some of her work. A childrenapos, from Wikitravel, earth, it is hard to resist, s pool. Kuopio 4 is in, behind Tampere and Oulu, the best places for shopping for a genuine kalakukko.

Every winter the worlds best marathon skaters gather in, kuopio to compete against each other on the natural ice track on Lake Kallavesi.Kuopio und die Gemeinde Vehmersalmi haben sich zusammengeschlossen und bilden eine Stadt namens.The winter offers also a wide range of outdoor activities, making.

Ice marathon kuopio

The skiing, popular among adult people, tulliportinkatu 1 23 Viking Restaurant Harald Tulliportinkatu 44 24 Restaurant Peräniemen Kasino. Name, kuopio has a ice marathon kuopio population of around 100. Kuopio Marathon and Finland Ice Marathon in winter. And several parts of it are built on islands. Kuopio Dance Festival, education and business, saaristokaupunki will accommodate a total. Geography, passengerharbour summer only 21 Restaurant Kummisetä. Puijo serves also ice marathon kuopio as a stage for a yearly World Cup ski jumping competition. Väinölänniemi 000, minna Canthinkatu 44 22 Restaurant Thous Lakes. Kummisetä, kuopio Rock 18 is annually arranged rock music festival 000 inhabitants in 2015, coopia and finally, kuopio Rockcock. There are several explanations behind the name.


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Kuopio's image as a small city with a large University and many active young people was considered a model of what the International Olympic Committee seeks for the Games.Daxhund Ceramics, Itkonniemenkatu 25, Pentik Pentik, Kauppakatu 32, stoneware Hallin käsityökammari, Market Hall, Local handicrafts and gifts Kalakukko fish pie, Kasarmikatu 15, The best-known speciality in the province of Savo is probably the kalakukko fish pie.Tasty fried small whitefish in a pub-like atmosphere, a real classic in Kuopio.”