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stations edit Kainuu has two regional radio stations among the statewide radio stations. For the information distribution the office uses social media, news letters and brochures. The atypical regional

geography and landscape consist of lakes, hills and vast uninhabited forest areas. 55 Kajaani: 15 representatvies in total. 47 Regional Programme Regional programmes intent is to bring up ways and means through which the long timespan strategic goals of the Regional Plan 2035 can be accomplished. Vaala, formerly one of the nine municipal members of the Kainuu region became part of the Northern Ostrobothnia in the beginning of the year 2016. Around 9-10 of the annual tourism of the regions comes from the international tourism. 53 Implementation plan An implementation plan is compiled out for the region of Kainuu. Cultural suomussalmi rock events vary from sports to entertainment and cultural events. This task is given by the law to the regional councils. Kuhmo, Sotkamo and Suomussalmi: 4 representatives each.

Domestic tourism forms major part suomussalmi rock of the annual tourism. Puolanka, the main tasks are, local media edit The Kainuu suomussalmi rock regionapos 3 032 Statistics Finland 4 Population Register Center 5 The municipality of Vaala is still counted as part of the region in the end of 2015. The variation of this number is dependent on the recent economic downturn that has caused drop in the Russian tourism towards the Kainuu region in which the Russians are the single largest customerbase. Hyrynsalmi, municipal elections 2012 edit Municipal Elections 2012 6 Council Seats Center Party Left Alliance SDP National Coalition Green League Finns Party Other Total Hyrynsalmi Kajaani Kuhmo Paltamo Puolanka Ristijärvi Sotkamo Suomussalmi Vaala Kainuu in total Regional government and regional development edit Regional Council. Kainuu has a total of 4301 firms by each sector in its economy. The implementation plan is an instrument to guiding projects in a way that the themes and goals of the regional programmes and the condition for the fund funding are met and achieved in these projects 3 Kainuu Regional Population between Year Population 1980. The highest point in Kainuu is the Iso Tuomivaara 385 m located in the municipality. Term for each regional youth council is twoyear long.

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Municipal and private sectors are the three big players in the regions employment market. Youth Council should inspire the local youth to take part in what the societal and political activities have to offer at large. Municipal sector comes up to 29 and the state has 7 of the workforce. The more popular aakkosjärjestykseen example in the Kainuu region is the KotiKajaani with a total of copies in circulations in the weekdays of Wednesday and Saturday. The count for the nights spent in the Kainuu region was 970 953 in the year of 2014. The Regional Assembly elects a council chairman and also the 1st and 2nd vice chairmen to whom the assembly also grants a right. The town with the least amount of unemployment was the municipality of Sotkamo with 684. The law gives these councils two mains tasks that are development of the region and the land use and planning in the region.

Examples of these services are the Town Theater, Kaukametsä Culture and Congress Center, 19 Kainuu Museum 20 and the Kajaani Art Museum 21 and many others.KAO has six different field of education through which students and the adults alike can receive qualification and training.


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Regional Council of Kainuu is governed by the regional assembly, decisions carried out by the regional board and assisted by the Regional councils office, which is led by the regional mayor.The Regional Assembly approves an estimated budget for the Regional Council for each financial year and a financial plan for the Regional Council at least for 3 years.Kainuu borders the regions.”