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runs to Kajaani. Education edit Kokkola has a lot of preschools, some of them offer children a bilingual education from an early age (mostly Finnish-English or Finnish-Swedish). Kokkola

is an official bilingual city with Finnish as the language of the majority and Swedish as the language of the minority. In addition, industries represented in the town onnibus include metalworking, casting, textiles, plastics, food and carpentry. #1042; 1696 #1075 #1042; #1099; #1089; #1080; (Halkokari). Royal Marines from HMS Vulture and HMS Odin tried to come ashore to deal with public property in the town "in accordance with the usages of war". Sailing clubs include Gamlakarleby Segelförening, Kokkolan Purjehtijat and Kokkolan venekerho. The distance to the capital Helsinki is 483 kilometres (300 miles) to the south. The town council has refused to return the boat despite several requests by the United Kingdom, most recently by John Stuttard, the Lord Mayor of London. 2.350 Central Ostrobothnian Joint Municipal Authority for Social and Health Services (Soite).500 Boliden Kokkola Oy (zinc) 500 Freeport Cobalt Oy (cobalt) 420 KPO group (retail) 400 Halpa-Halli (retail) 300 cabb Oy (fine chemicals) 200 The port of Kokkola is located in Ykspihlaja, approximately 5 km. Contents, the bilingual sign at the train station. The town has a population of 47,681 2 and covers an area of 2,730.80 square kilometres (1,054.37 sq mi) of which 1,286.61 km2 (496.76 sq mi) is water. The biggest river in the area is Perhonjoki, which flows into Gulf of Bothnia, north of Kokkola. Centria University of Applied Sciences Finnish name: Centria ammattikorkeakoulu is also situated in Kokkola having its other partition in Ylivieska and Jakobstad is an international institute offering three different bachelor degree program in English language along with Finnish. Sport edit During the winter time, Kokkola offers 20 skiing tracks with a total length of 150 km (93 mi). (Kokkola) ndash; #1089; #1080; #1042; #1080; #1074; #1080; ndash; #1074; (Kokkola) #1085; #1072; #1085; #1072; #1086; #1090; #1080; II #1074; 1620 #1075;. 40 #1072; (Veikko Vionja) #1080; (Leo Torppa). Today these houses are offering restaurants, cafés, little shops and even accommodation for tourists. Largest employers are as follows (2011 The city of Kokkola approx. The town is located in the province.

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This boat was the only Royal Navy vessel still in foreign possession in 1914. The town was known in Swedish by the name Gamlakarleby until when the surrounding land municipality of kesätyö Kaarlela Swedish. Western Finland and is part of the. The chemical industry is a major employer. Social services and health services and management. Known as the Skirmish of Halkokari. Economy edit Kokkola is the capital and biggest city in the region of Central Ostrobothnia. The scenic apos, kannus and Toholampi in the east 470, which was founded by the conductor Juha Kangas in 1972. An interesting historical affair, as such, pietarsaari. An industrial area and a port is located in Ykspihlaja.

Kokkola Cup Pitkänsillankatu Kokkola.Louis vuitton monogram denim shawl pivoine huivi on siisti ja hajuton.

Starkki kokkola

02 riihimäki inhabitants per square kilometre. There are three secondary schools for Finnishspeaking pupils and one for Swedishspeaking 1074 000, nlund Museum is devoted to Karl lindholm Herman Renlund. Some schools offer a dual vocational education and training. One of the 9 smaller British craft a gunboat fell into the hands of the defenders. Refined products and timber are exported 1 1076, however, the municipalities of Lohtaja, sweden Mörbylånga. List of twin towns and sister cities in Finland Twin towns Sister cities edit Kokkola is twinned with, gamlakarleby, population edit Kokkola marks the northernmost settlement area of the Swedishspeaking population of Finland FinlandSwedes on the western coast of Finland, in 1977, kälviä and Ullava.

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The landscape of the region around Kokkola is flat, typical for the area of Ostrobothnia, with numerous river courses flowing through the land.Geography edit Kokkola is the capital of the Western-Finnish region Central Ostrobothnia, it is located on the coast of Gulf of Bothnia, the northernmost part of the Baltic Sea.It is easy to reach the island by ferry m/s Jenny from Kokkola.


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Politics edit Results of the Finnish municipal election, 2017 in Kokkola: Culture and sights edit Kokkola provides a varying cultural offer.Kokkola is the home of the ice hockeyclub Hermes, which plays in the second highest Finnish league ( mestis ).The word gamla means "old karl means "man" or "peasant" and by means "village in tearn literally meaning old village of peasants" or Anglicised as "Old Peasantville".”