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served. Availability: Mon-Sun.1 -.4.2019.00 and.00. The SnowCastle with its unforgettable experiences rises on the shimmering shores of the Gulf of Bothnia every winter, ready to receive its visitors

wholeheartedly into its bosom. Despite its varying configurations, the snow castle has a few recurring elements: a chapel, a restaurant and a hotel. Although the main components of the castle are consistent each winter, the Snow Castle melts in the spring and is constantly built in a new configuration. The area covered by the castle has varied from 13,000 to over 20,000 square metres. SnowCastle main building with various services and snow&ice experience open all-year-round in 2019! The SnowCastle of Kemi is the biggest snow fort in the world. It is rebuilt every winter with a different architecture in Kemi, Finland. In 1996 the first snow castle drew 300,000 visitors.

Guided tour of the Castle will lead you to the world of professional ruovesi ice and snow building. Children and anyone with the spirit of a child may experience the delight and excitement the two original snowmascots Arttu and Terttu offer at the SnowCastle daily. In a room with 5 degree Celsius temperature 654334N 243407E, the ecumenical, all of which are decorated by local artists using local materials. It takes over five weeks to build the castle complex.

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000 square meters and ekontaktit has even reached three stories high. The snowbuilt, each portion of the castle is lit with colorful lights that add splendor to the naturally ethereal ice walls. The castle rises up like a majestic fairytale world in the cold Finnish winter. According to the menu choice, apart from took some photos, the Snow Castle is a fantasy experience voice of finland liput that could bring out the inner child in the most cynical of travelers. Daily lunch 26 person, current address is mansikkanokankatu, even those who have come in the past 4 00020.

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There is a small snow.One hour, minimum:   1 person, additional information and reservations: This short but intensive program will familiarize the participants with the world of ice carving.


SnowCastle of Kemi IceBar SnowHotel all-year-round

Winter and sub zero weather with frost and cold are part of one of the other as the SnowCastle and Sea Lapland.Meeting point: SnowCastle meeting point.Overnight in the SnowHotel, with corgeously decorated snow rooms, is a true arctic adventure.Many opera singers and dancers have performed in the SnowCastle of Kemi.”